I presented the work of my coauthors and myself at National and International Conferences. Conferences are a great opportunity to receive feedback on ongoing research and build ties for future co-authorships!

AIB Miami 2022

6-9 July, 2022

"Technology adoption, Global Value Chains and Sustainability: The case of Additive Manufacturing". F. Sanguineti, G. Magnani, A. Zucchella.

SIMA Bocconi 2022

30 June - 1st July, 2022

"Additive Manufacturing for the Sustainable Management of Global Value Chains". F. Sanguineti, G. Magnani, A. Zucchella.

ENTERYNG Workshop 2022

19-20 May, 2022 (Capri)

Paper Discussant

EURAM 2021

16-18 June, 2021 (online)

"Habitual founders. Who?". F. Sanguineti & A. Majocchi

EURAM 2020

4-6 December, 2020 (online)

"Entrepreneurial choices determinants after firms’ acquisition: do they stay, or do they go?". F. Sanguineti, A. Majocchi, S.T. Cavusgil

AIB Miami 2020

1-9 July, 2020 (online)

"Life after exit: The determinants of founding entrepreneurs’ choices after their firms have been acquired". F. Sanguineti, A.Majocchi, S.T. Cavusgil

AIB - Copenhagen 2019

24-27 June, 2019

" Life after exit: An analysis of entrepreneurs’ choices after exiting family firms". F.Sanguineti, A.Majocchi, S.T.Cavusgil

Presented at the International Entrepreneurship Workshop

CIMAR - Ankara 2019

17-20 June, 2019

"The management goes to family members again: Is restoring managerial control boosting internationalization?".

F.Sanguineti, M.C. Sestu

AIB UK-I 2019

25-27 April, 2019

"Peculiar aspects of family business in Italy:Do business owners trade off growth for family ownership?". F.Sanguineti, S. Deligonul, A.Majocchi, S.T. Cavusgil

AIB SE - Nashville 2018

1-3 November 2018

Doctoral Consortium 

CIMAR - Atlanta 2018

12-15 September 2019

"Are you ready to export? An Export Readiness Assessment model". F. Sanguineti 

HERMES PhD Workshop 2021

 7-8 October 2021

Organizing Committee member